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Conservatory Window Film: Conservatories can often become too hot, coupled with excessive glare to be used regularly, our Conservatory Window Film is the Low-Cost solution you're looking for.

Heat Reflecting Window Film: Glazing is a popular integral design in housing, however the solar heat build up can be unbearable.  Glass Enhance offer the solution with a vast range of solar control window films.

Glare Reduction Window Film: We love natural light flowing into our homes, but excessive glare can be annoying. Our window films can reduce glare, without cutting out the light.

One Way Reflective Privacy Window Film: If you want to see out, but stop others from seeing in, we have the solution with our day time one-way mirror window films

Fading Anti-UV Films: UV rays will cause your furnishings to fade. Find out how one of our UV window Films will help prevent this.

Frosted Window Films: Our frost films look like acid etched glass to give Two-Way privacy day and night. The beauty of frost films is you get so much privacy but still lets through plenty of natural light.

Window Graphics: Would you like to make a feature of a certain window? We also supply and install custom graphics if you want a bit of detail around your home.

Security & SafetyBroken glass is dangerous and is also an easy entry point for intruders. Our grades of transparent heavy duty Window Film will give you peace of mind.

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What is Solar Control Window Film?

Solar Window Film is made up of very thin layers of polyester known as laminates. Within these laminated layers, are precious metals such as silver, stainless steel, copper, gold, titanium chromium and even ceramics.
Each of these are finely layered onto the polyester laminates via a very high tech manufacturing process known as Vapour Coating or Sputtering.
The metals/ceramics are reduced down to micro particles into a mist or vapour.  These are given a positive charge. By passing the negative charge polyester laminate through this “mist” the metal particles are in-bedded into the polyester resulting in an even coverage, and this enables colour stability and longevity of the product.

This metallised layer of the film is then laminated along with the Scratch Resistant Coating and another laminate of sometimes a colour stable dyed laminate. The adhesive and UV inhibitors are included in this laminating process. To protect the adhesive and the film, a clear release liner is finally added to the finished product.  This unfortunately a waste product that gets discarded before final installation.

How Does Window Film Work?

The metals and the dyes in the film are so fine, you can't physically see them. You will however feel the effects.
The dye and density of metals in the film (the Tint) create the glare reduction. However, the metals are specifically designed to reflect the heat, and disperse most of the Infrared rays from penetrating past the film and into the room.
The UV rays are blocked by special UV inhibitors embedded into the adhesive and/or scratch coat of the film.

See the image below to see how this works.

Heat Reflecting Film