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Glass Enhance - Residential Glare Reduction Window Films

Glare reduction window films for homes and conservatories, are specially designed to help improve issues caused by the suns glare. Throughout the year, the blinding sunlight can cause poor visibility on computer and TV screens, and can just be a general nuisance when wanting to sit down and have a relaxing time with friends and family. Using one of Glare Reduction Window films we can provide a solution that will combat the excessive glare and make your home a comfortable place when the suns out.

Glare from the sun is not only annoying, the blinding light can cause headaches and fatigue. Any time of the year, we can rarely ever be free of the suns troublesome glare affecting our daily lives.

Glare reduction films reduce excessive glare, but not so much that all light is blocked. Natural light can still pass through. At a fraction of the cost of blinds, our window films provide superior optical clarity, can reduce up to 95% of glare and once installed has no maintenance.
The alternative to film is window blinds, but these WILL block your view, they block too much light and need regular cleaning and maintenance.  There aren't many blinds that are in the sun all day, that will last for up to 20 years.

Using Glass Enhance to supply and install window film products is you'll also gain the additional benefits of heat reduction and UV reduction.

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10 Year Guarantee

Once professionally installed, all of our glare reduction window films come with a 10 year guarantee

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