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Enhance Your Car, Enhance Your Driving Experience

Professional Car Window Tinting in Cornwall

We are a car window tinting company based in Lanner, just on the road between Redruth and Falmouth. We offer a workshop based car window tinting service for all vehicles.  The process of window tinting is a very meticulous process, so we believe a much higher end installation is only possible when installing in an enclosed workshop. Fighting the outside elements of wind, rain and dust on the side of the road would likely result with a poor installation.

Window tint is in fact, a multi laminate polyester based window film, which is installed onto the inside surface of your vehicle windows. It is a very cost effective solution to get amazing benefits such as;

  • enhances the look and value of your vehicle

  • protects from solar heat, glare and uv rays

  • provides anti-dazzle protection from car headlights

  • adds safety and security measures to the glass.

  • provides privacy

Shades of Window Tint

We offer 5 shades of car window tints to fully customise your vehicle.
The number represents the amount of light the tint lets through.

5% (Limo Tint) - This window tint is the darkest we keep in stock and adds huge glare reduction and maximum amounts of privacy. Although it is dark and limits ability to see in to the car, you can still see out from the inside

15% (Dark Smoke) - This is the next shade lighter up from the limo tint, its a very popular film due to the balance of privacy, glare and heat reduction, without giving that blacked-out appearance

30% (Medium Smoke) - The film popular for those that want an element of privacy without looking too dark, but enhances any vehicle.

55% (Light Smoke) -  If you want something subtle, this film is very light in appearance, it provides soft tints to the glass and is often for car enthusiasts who want UV protection, but with a small hint of a tint

75% (UV Film) - Has virtually no tint at all and is used for its heat and UV protection

What else you need to know about tint
Window Tint Guarantee

We only use window tint that has been tested and proven to stand the test of time in the hottest locations around the world.

Once installed and fully cured we guarantee our window tint installation against peeling, excessive fade, turning purple, blistering and/or bubbling for as long as you own the vehicle.

Window Tint Installation

Our purpose built workshop provides a controlled, clean, dry environment for the professional installation of window tint. Because we strive for very high standards we feel getting the vehicle and the window tint out of the elements is the only way we can achieve this.

Although we love to chat and help all of our customers, we operate strictly by appointment only please. Our workshop is based at our home, so please call before hand if you want to head down to have a chat.

Window Tinting FAQ's

Is it Legal?
This is one of the first questions we get asked and the answer is 100% yes, it is LEGAL to have your vehicle windows tinted, the law on window tints only applies to the windscreen and the front side windows (driver and front passenger windows) If you'd like to know the level of tint you can LEGALLY have on the front, then please get in touch.
As for anywhere behind the driver, you can go as dark as you like!

Will I look like a gangster?
That depends more so on your life choices then the level of tint on your car. The answer is NO! More and more cars are leaving Dealers Forecourts with tinted windows then ever before. Window tint is designed to enhance vehicles and your driving experience, not make you a target for the police!

Do I have to inform my insurance company?
We would always advise to inform your insurance company of any known modifications, its worth a phone call to check with them as each insurance company varies.

Can window tint be scratched?
In one word YES, but anything can be scratched, right? Our film is an industry leader in scratch RESISTANT coatings on their window tint, which means you can use and clean the windows as normal, but treat your tint reasonably like you would the paint on your car.

How long after the tint installation until I can roll my windows down?
We will confirm this with you when you pick up your car, generally speaking, right away. But allowing the film to cure is good practice, so we would encourage little window use for a couple days.

When Can I book in?
Call, Text, E-mail and we can get you booked in.
We're open weekdays between 9am-5pm