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Glass Enhance - Commercial Anti Glare Reduction Window Films

Anti Glare window films for offices and commercial buildings are designed to reduce excessive light levels and help improve visibility issues caused by glare. The sun’s glare can be an issue throughout the year, causing poor visibility of electronic displays and disrupting general comfort around the office. Glass Enhance can supply and professionally install glare reduction window films so that work premises will be a much more comfortable environment.

Direct glare from the sun can not only be blinding, it is very annoying. It is also known to cause headaches and can really make things uncomfortable. Whether it is the high sun in the summer months, or when its low lying in the winter we are always affected by the excessive glare from the sun.

Anti Glare films can cut significant amounts of unwanted glare, but still let natural light to pass through. Unlike blinds; which block your view, reduce excessive light and require regular maintenance.  Anti Glare Window Films have superior optical clarity so you'll still maintain your view and requires virtually no maintenance.
The additional benefits of glare reduction window films is they start to work from the moment they are installed and have a 10 year guarantee.

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What is Anti-Glare Window Film?

Anti-Glare Window Film is a tinted or metalised micro laminate polyester, in other words "film" that adheres to glass to reduce the suns glare.  Its Glare Reduction properties are the same principle as Sunglasses. The darker you go the higher the Glare Reduction

The Tint is metal and colour stable dye embedded into the film. However, what makes our premium lines of films so special, is that with all that metal and dye in the film, you still get perfect, crystal clear clarity!

Maintenance Free!

Anti-Glare Window Film, once professionally installed requires absolutely no maintenance. With an industry leading scratch resistant coating, just clean like any other window!

10 Year Guarantee

We make sure we use products that are up to the job, which is why our Anti-Glare Window Films are guaranteed for 10 years!

Anti Glare Window Film