UV Filter Anti-Fade Window Films

Enhance Your Glass, Enhance UV Protection

Anti-Fade UV Reduction Window Film

Furniture Fading? - UV Filter Anti Fade Window Films

A faded carpet, table or sofa can be quite expensive to replace, especially if you haven’t had it that long. Having an Anti-Fade window film installed will prolong the life of your furniture and therefore save you money. If you do not want a tint, we can still help you. Glass Enhance have a line of clear UV filter Films that will still block over 99% of UV rays.

Museum Grade Film

As you can imagine this film is popular on shop fronts, art galleries, listed buildings and any building where a solar control film would not be permitted or wanted.

UV Protection Window Film - How it works

UV rays are split into UVA, B & C. It is known that UVC is blocked by the Ozone layer, window glass will stop UVB, but it doesn’t stop UVA, which accounts for a large number of solar UV radiations reaching Earth, up to 95 percent! UVA can penetrate into the deeper layers of the skin and has for years been understood as a major part in skin ageing and wrinkling and may also initiate and increase the development of certain skin cancers.
We only use window film that blocks OVER 99% of UV rays including UVA! You can be comforted to know that after the installation of UV film, your windows will have an SPF (Sun Protection Factor) of over 250!

The additional benefits of UV Window Film are Heat Reflecting Films and Glare Reduction