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Solar Heat: Is a common issue caused by most glazing. Without stopping the heat, the office can quickly over heat and become very uncomfortable. An non-obtrusive installation of one of our solar control window films will certainly make a difference.

Glare: Can be very annoying at the best of times, but even worse when trying to work at a computer screen. We can provide anti-glare films that cut the glare but don't dramatically cut the natural light.

Privacy: Are you in need of one-way privacy? There are many occasions on commercial properties where you need to see out, but don't want others to see in. An easy installation of our one-way reflective film will achieve this.

Energy Saving: Is becoming a serious consideration these days. If you run air conditioning, you could save energy and money. Continue reading how our energy saving film can you help you.

Frost Window Films & Graphics: Glass Enhance can supply and install frost film custom made graphics for your commercial building and office to help you really stand out.

Glass Manifestations: Are a legal requirement to warn people of the presence of large clear panes of glass as to avoid accidents of walking into them. They can be in the form of a row of dots, squares or company logo. Contact us for a quote.

Fading: Can cause a lot of damage to stock and furnishings. Our UV blocking window films can virtually eliminate fading. Find out how.

Ever wondered what Window Film is?

Window Film is a polyester based product made up of multiple layers. Within each layer are a vast array of ceramics and many types of precious metals.
The metals are reduced down to an atomic structure and are finely layered onto the polyester laminates in a process called Vapour Coating or Sputtering.
The metal and the ceramics are reduced to a mist or vapour which are in-bedded evenly onto the polyester laminates.

The adhesive layer is activated upon installation with mounting solution and pressure from installation. UV inhibitors are included in the adhesive and between each layer of the multi-laminates which acts as a film preservation function and also blocks the harmful UV rays from passing through the film.

Heat Reflecting Film