Reflective Mirror Privacy Window Films

Enhance Your Glass, Enhance Your Privacy

One Way Reflective Window Film

For Home and Office

One-Way Window Film

Windows in your home or office are great for letting in the suns beautiful natural light, but in order to let the light in, the curtains or blinds are usually open and so therefore potentially lose privacy. By having our Privacy One Way Window Film installed onto your windows we can give you the privacy you need. The One-Way Privacy Film is in appearance a reflective window film, your privacy comes from the natural daylight reflecting on the surface of the film that faces out. This in turn restricts vision from the outside reducing the ability to see through it. Our Premium films have on the inner coating a low or anti-reflective surface. This gives the inside of the window clear vision out when its darker outside.

Privacy Window Film is often a more effective solution than conventional methods such as nets or blinds, the result often being you can’t see out very well through them. Window Film has superior optical clarity so your view is completely un-altered. You will also find it gives your windows a neat and uniform look.

Update The Appearance

Does your building need a fresh new look? Reflective Window Film can enhance the look of any building. Its Tinted or Mirrored appearance can hide unsightly blinds and filing cabinets, to give a much more tidy look.

Additional benefits are Heat Reflecting properties and Glare Reduction