Energy Saving Window Films

Enhance Your Glass, Save The Environment

Save Money & Energy With Window Film

Air Conditioning

Most offices today are heated and cooled by air-conditioning, a system which is often offered as the only solution for keeping the work place at a consistent temperature. The draw backs are they constantly need attention and they are expensive to run. It is very important that a business maximizes its efforts to ensure profitability, especially in economic downturns. How can our Energy Saving Window Film benefit your office?

Staff Productivity

The excessive heat from the sun entering into a building causes a lot of problems for the workers and building occupants.

A study shows that Productivity can fall by 50% and accidents can increase by 30% if temperatures of an office are over 24°C.

On the whole, the office space or room becomes very uncomfortable. Window Film will reduce “Hot Spots” making the room more comfortable for staff and have a positive effect on productivity

Carbon Emissions Reduction

Not only does architectural solar control window film help cut energy expenditures by up to 30%, its Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) scientifically proves solar control window films have a net positive environmental impact worldwide.

Buildings are such a large source of carbon emissions, many building managers and home owners are concerned with reducing their carbon footprint. In many cases, solar control window films are carbon neutral within one month of installation. Window films are both carbon-effective and cost-effective, reducing a building’s carbon footprint more effectively and for less money than new windows.

carbon negative, earth positive
Energy Cost Savings

Having a solar control window film professionally installed will drastically reduce your utility costs and your carbon emissions tax.
Window film comes in many variations from spectrally selective to high glare control; however they are all designed to reject as much heat as possible according to each films design. The high heat rejection properties of window film allow your buildings air conditioning system to run more economically, therefore saving your business money.

Only a few degrees in temperature reduction can have up to a 25% reduction in cooling costs, due to the laws of thermodynamics, it requires more energy to remove heat from a room through air conditioning than to warm one up. Glass Enhance can supply and install our Sunscreen Commercial Window Film with a total solar heat gain reduction of as much as 84%.

Financial Payback

Window Film can and will in most cases pay for itself just through energy cost savings. On some occasions, we can carry out a energy survey of the building, this will help you work out a payback on the window film.
For example, we installed film onto an office with 900m2 area of glass. We could calculate they would get payback on the film within 3-5 years just through energy cost savings! With a guarantee of 10 years and life expectancy 15-20 you can see just how much money they can potentially save!
Window film is also a carbon negative product, which means they various types of window film, can save more energy then it costs to produce them.
There are another number of benefits to Solar Control Window Films such as Glare Reduction, UV Anti-Fade Reduction, and aesthetic appeal of Privacy One-Way Window Film & Frosted Window Films