Safety & Security Window Films

Enhance Your Glass, Enhance Your Safety

Safety & Security Window Film - Make your glass safe and secure

Glass Safety Film

Glass Safety Film is specifically designed to provide improved shatter resistance and safe breaking qualities.

It is often used to upgrade existing glass to a higher standard to comply with health and safety regulations. After glass Safety Film is applied, the film appears virtually  undetectable because of its superior optical clarity.

If you need Solar Reduction we also offer glass safety film combined with safety/solar control and also safety/privacy properties to provide a solution in one product.

Glass Safety in the Workplace and Public Sector

It is a legal requirement to ensure that all relevant existing glazing in the workplace and public sector meets British and European safety standards EN 12600 2b2. This is incorporated into building regulations BS 6262 part 4, safety related to human impact.

The effect is to ensure relevant glass is made impact safe to prevent serious injury to persons through accidental collision with glass.

Spontaneous Glass Breakage

Is caused by Microscopic internal defects within the glass, known as nickel sulphide.

While factors such as installation damage and incorrect fitting can be avoided to some degree, avoiding glass that contains nickel sulphide is somewhat impossible.

These imperfections are invisible to the naked eye and are impossible to completely avoid in the glass manufacturing process.

During the tempering process, the glass is heated up to its softening point, then rapidly cooled. This creates the centre tension that gives toughened glass its strength.

However, any nickel sulphide inclusions that are present are frozen in an unstable state by the rapid cooling. Over time these inclusions will revert to their stable, expanded state. It is this expansion that creates a weak spot in the toughened glass which can, at a much later date, cause spontaneous glass breakage.

Clear Safety Film - Minimize the Hazards

Safety Film can be installed onto this glass to hold it together should glazing ever succumb to spontaneous or deliberate breakage. The potential hazards of broken glass are very high. Minimize the risk with our clear safety film.