Solar Control Window Films

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Glass Enhance - Solar Control Window Film

Glass Enhance supplies and installs a professional range of solar control window films designed to reduce the solar heat entering your office.

The suns excessive heat will pour through windows on commercial buildings making them hot and uncomfortable. An efficient and cost effective solution is to use Glass Enhance to supply and install our professional range of solar control window films.
Our Solar Control Films come in a variety of shades, tints and colour tones to suit everyone's needs. From our very High Reflective Silver film, which is a heavily metalised; all the way to our High Performance Ceramic IR Window Films which are virtually unnoticeable.

Once professionally installed onto the glass, you'll immediately feel the effects with up to 80% heat reduction!

Glass Enhance cover the South West and can cover nationally with our network of professional installers.

Please don't hesitate to get into contact with us for advice, further information and samples.

Too Much Solar Heat?
Heat Reduction Window Film

How do you feel working under the intense heat of the sun, especially when sat next to a window. No doubt you'll agree, the excessive heat pouring through the window can make things very uncomfortable?

It is a known fact, heat can lead to headaches and increase the chances of accidents due to heat fatigue.


Did You Know?

Productivity can fall by 50% and accidents can increase by 30% if temperatures of an office are over 24°C

Independent Study
Heat Reflecting Film