Conservatory Solar Window Film

Anti Heat & Glare Conservatory Solar Film – The solution for your conservatory.

Glass Enhance supply and install a professional line of Anti-Heat and Anti-Glare Conservatory Window Films to Reflect the sun from entering into your conservatory. Covering the whole of Cornwall and the South West

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  • Conservatory Heat Reduction
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  • Less Heat

    Do you find your conservatory is too hot in the summer?.

  • Less Glare

    Are you blinded by the suns unbearable glare?.

  • More Comfort

    Having window film installed on your conservatory will make it a usable room year round..

“Buy with confidence. Our conservatory window film is guaranteed for 10 years!”Glass Enhance
Sunscreen Conservatory Window Film
Conservatory Window Film – Solar Control and Heat Reflective Window Film

Glass Enhance can make your conservatory a usable room again. Many conservatory owners often use their conservatories as second living rooms, but with the amount of glare and heat pouring in it often makes this a challenge. In this part of the site we will help you see how our sunscreen conservatory window film can benefit you and your home by reflecting away the suns heat, cut down excessive glare, block UV rays and how it compares to conservatory roof blinds.

Is your conservatory too hot?

Glass conservatory roofs are becoming a more popular choice for home-owners. But the down side is they trap a lot of heat in them which can be so over whelming that sitting in your conservatory feels more like sitting in a greenhouse. You must have found that when you open the doors into your conservatory in the warmer months of the year, the extreme heat makes your conservatory near enough unusable.

Blinded by the Suns Glare?

No doubt you find yourself blinded by the suns glare when trying to relax in your conservatory when the sun comes out. Again, like mentioned above these films are designed to reduce the glare, but still maintain full optical clarity, so you can still see the stars at night when looking up through your glass roof. To reduce the glare sunscreen solar films are designed to cut the overpowering glare, but still let in enough light so you don’t feel like you’re sitting in darkness.
Our product knowledge and long term expertise in the industry will ensure you have the right solar film to provide the comfort you need making your conservatory a usable room again.

How Does It Do This?

First we need to look at heat transfer through a window.  Solar Heat is transferred or transmitted by UV, Visible Light and Infrared Waves.
Radiant energy is converted to heat when it strikes people or objects. If you block or interrupt the transfer of this energy you keep it from turning into heat because it
never strikes an object. Conservatory window film interrupts the transfer of this energy by reflecting solar energy away.

Transmission or transmittance is the percentage of solar energy which we know as a combination of UV, Visible Light, and Infrared that passes through a window. Reflection is the ratio or percentage of solar energy reflected back to the source. Absorption is the percentage of solar energy absorbed to that of the total solar energy.

This heat reflection and absorption transfer differs on each individual films specification. Glass Enhance know exactly what  solar films would best suit your needs to reduce the solar heat in your conservatory.

Solar Control Window Film
Furniture Fading?

One of the main causes of furnishings fading is due to UV rays, you can rest assured of the protection from UV rays with our window film because within the adhesive and the laminated layers, micro UV inhibitors are embedded into the film guaranteeing you a reduction of over 99% of UV.

Conservatory Roof Blinds

Many people resort to having conservatory roof blinds installed to combat against the affects of the sun.

Please follow the link to our Conservatory Roof Blinds Page

If we sound like the company with the knowledge and expertise for you, then please call, send an email or text us and see how we can help you today.

Conservatory Window Film – DIY Installation

The film is applied to the inside of the roof of the conservatory, this means working above head and at height. In no way are we saying it is not possible to install film yourself, but we don’t advise it as we know from 10 years experience that it is a difficult job to do. But you can have confidence that with us, you will have professional high grade film, installed to a high professional standard by a team who have a wealth of experience of installing film to many types of glass including a conservatory like yours!

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