Anti Glare Window Film

Sunscreen Solar Control Window Films are specially designed to reduce excessive glare through your home or office making it a more comfortable environment.
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Glare Reduction Window Films

We like to welcome the suns light into our homes and offices, however direct glare from the sun can not only be blinding, it is very annoying. It is also known to cause headaches and can really make things uncomfortable. Whether it is the high sun in the summer months, or when its low lying in the winter we are always affected by the excessive glare from the sun.

anti glare window film

The Benefits of Anti Glare Window Film

  • Glare Reduction of 95%
  • Maintain a Clear View
  • Maintenance Free
No Longer Have The Blinds or Curtains Closed When The Suns Out!

Blinds or Film?

It can be a tough choice deciding between blinds and window film. There are a lot of things to consider, let us help you decide...

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Follow the link where we compare the pros and cons of Blinds and Window Film

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Nets and Blinds

Compared to usual methods such as blinds or nets, Anti Glare Window Film is the most cost effective solution to combat against glare as it has no required maintenance, all you need to do is clean it as you would a normal window.  An additional benefit is it’s guaranteed for 10 years so it will not deteriorate within its warranty.  You will not block your view out as it has superb optical clarity and can be installed at a fraction of the cost of blinds.

Glare Reduction Window Film

Worth considering…

Please look at this fine example. The picture shows just how much glare is coming through the office window. The left pane has window film on it, the two right panes are un-filmed. See what difference window film makes!

Our Service

Glass Enhance can apply to your home or office a fine selection of Sunscreen Anti Glare Window Films. Upon application, you will notice a significant reduction in glare and have little reduction of the suns natural light whilst maintaining a clear view. We can offer you a fine selection of films that can reduce the glare by as much as 95%.

Glare Reduction Window Films have other benefits also, such as there ability to Reduce Solar Heat Gain block UV rays which is a major factor in causing fading and skin damage and increase your privacy with one of our Privacy One-Way Window Films

We are always happy to help and our expertise and product knowledge will help you choose the best Anti Glare Window Film to suit your requirements.Glass Enhance
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