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Solar Control Window Film

Too Much Solar Heat?
Heat Reduction Window Film

How do you feel working under the intense heat of the sun, especially when sat next to a window. No doubt you’ll agree, the excessive heat pouring through the window can make things very uncomfortable?

It is a known fact, heat can lead to headaches and increase the chances of accidents due to heat fatigue.


The Solution?
Solar Control Window Film

We can install one of our specialist Solar Control Window Film products to your glazing to act as a Sunscreen for your Window. The heat reduction will be noticeable the moment it is installed.

We have a large range of solar control window films to choose from. Our High Performance Reflective window films are the best for heat reduction. Alternatively we have what we term “neutral films,” which range from mid reflective and tinted films, to our high performing light spectrum selective window film range.
These films are specifically engineered with precious metals so that they still let in plenty of natural light but block over half of the
solar heat gain.

Did You Know?

Productivity can fall by 50% and accidents can increase by 30% if temperatures of an office are over 24°C

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How Does Solar Window Film Block Heat?

Heat Reduction Window Film is primarily designed to reflect solar energy (heat) away, while absorbing other parts of the suns solar energy. This dramatically reduces the amount of solar energy (radiation) transmitted inside the room through the windows in your house or office. Each Solar Control Window Film will vary on performance depending on the films specifications.

When heat transfers, it always flows from hot to cold. So when there isn’t a temperature difference, heat transfer can’t take place.

Heat Transfer

There are three types of heat transfer, conduction, convection and radiation, but for solar window film, radiation is the important method because it moves in infra-red waves.

Solar energy that enters through a window is transmitted by infra-red waves. Infra-red waves have no temperature until they strike a surface and are then converted to heat. Solar Control Films are specially designed to keep a large percentage of this from turning into heat.  It does this by blocking and interrupting the transfer of this energy by simply reflecting it away. In effect, turning your glass into a Sunscreen.

Solar energy is made up of Visible Light, UV and Infra-red, all of which can pass easily through glazing. Solar Control Window Film will reflect and absorb this energy. You will notice after installation the amount of solar heat entering through the glass is dramatically reduced. Leaving you a comfortable, controllable environment.

Did You Know?

It takes more energy to cool down a room, then heat one up.

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