Frosted Window Film and Graphics

Glass Enhance supply and install Frosted Window Films, Manifestations and Decorative Graphics to Enhance the look of existing glass and Maintain Privacy.

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Frosted Window Films

Frosted Window Films are popular in homes and offices as they still let through  light, but provide a maintenance free solution for providing Two-Way Privacy.   Frosted Films are also highly favored for their ability to provide a neat, clean and unified appearance; they suit and truly compliment any homes decorative design perfectly.
The practical benefits of  Frosted Window Film is the glass will look just like it has been acid etched, it is substantially lower in cost, and is fully removable should that be required without damaging the glass.  We can also design and cut out decorative patterns to suit you.

Frosted Graphics & Decorative Patterns

If you want to add a personalized Frosted Design to your your front door, porch, internal glazing, bathroom or anywhere else.  We can help! We design our graphics in house, so turn around is usually very quick and keeps the cost down for you, and as you will be dealing directly with us you will get the design you want.
We can either cut your logos or designs out of the solid frosted film, so that they are in affect the clear part of the glass, or have the patterns and design cut out of frosted film and have them installed onto the glass, so it looks as if it has been etched into the glass.

We can also cut coloured vinyl film and come up with cost effective patterns and designs to suit all tastes for a truly bespoke finish.

So please take this opportunity to call or email us, as our product line and knowledge will ensure you have the right Frosted Window Film and Decorative Graphic to suit your specific needs.