Privacy Films

Glass Enhance offer Privacy Films in One Way Mirror and Two Way Frost Film to maintain privacy day and night. We also supply and fit manifestation bands for office glass partitions and manifestation dots or squares to indicate glass in accordance with building regulations.

Two Way Privacy – Frosted Window Film

Frost Film is ultimately designed for 2-way-privacy without compromising loss of light. If you want to maintain full privacy day and night but still maintain as much as the natural light as possible then frosted windows films are the clear solution for you.
Did you know they can be used for the opposite?  If you have an unsightly view out of your window and don’t want to look at it any longer then this is the perfect solution. You don’t need to have the blinds or curtains shut as this will reduce the light. Frost film ensures you have as much light as possible.

Window Manifestations

We also supply and install glass manifestations in either circle or squares on glass to indicate the presence of glass otherwise people might walk into it. Or large bands of frost for internal glazing in offices to give privacy at certain height levels.  This looks very effective without fully blocking off certain office spaces.

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Frost Film & Glass Manifestations

One Way Privacy – Mirror Film

One Way Mirror Film is very popular for as the name suggests, it gives privacy from one side. This is very effective during daylight hours, as those inside the building can see out, but those outside can’t see in. It is perfect for the home or office environment where you wish to stop people peering into your personal space. We provide a variety of privacy films some look just like mirrors and others are a little more subtle in appearance and have a neutral reflection and suit all environments.

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One Way Mirror Film