Gutter & Fascia Cleaning and Algae Removal

We also offer a gutters, fascias, down pipes and cladding cleaning service, along with algae removal, especially off rendered walls.


Gutter & Fascia Cleaning. Algae Removal

Restore your fascias and gutters to there former glory with our gutter & fascia clean service. This naturally includes barge boards and down pipes and we ensure our cleaning is to the highest standards, to make your fascias look “As good as new.”

With our soft extendable brushes we can gently clean all of the grime, dirt and algae from your fascias. Most houses now have uPVC but we can still clean wooden painted fascias just the same. For algae treatments we use a special cleaning product that isn’t harmful to other plant life but is very effective at removing algae.  Call us if you would like to consider the prices and options removing algae from your rendered walls.


Gutter Clearing

We don’t just clean the outside of gutters, we also clean inside them too. Over the months; seeds, leaves and dirt collect inside the gutter blocking them up so rain water can flood over the top. This can prove costly if ignored due to the potential water damage to the building, or the gutters collapsing due to the immense weight of dirt and water.
If you see plant life thriving in your gutters, or rain water is spilling over the edge, then they will need clearing out. Give us a call and if suitable, we can survey it first to let you know how full they are, sometimes it’s just the “elbow” of the down pipe is blocked so its a quick clear out, other times it’s the whole gutter. We pride ourselves on providing an honest service so will let you know how much of the gutter is actually blocked up. We’re not going to charge you for a “Full” Gutter clean out, if it’s just the down pipe.  But will have to consider an agreeable minimum charge for a call out.