Professional Window Cleaning Service in Cornwall

Glass Enhance provide a Traditional & Water Fed Pole WIndow Cleaning service for Homes, Offices and Public Sector Buildings throughout Cornwall


Based near Truro we are able to cover a large area of Cornwall from Truro, St Austell, Falmouth, Newquay, Perranporth, St Agnes, Wadebridge and areas in between. If you are outside this area please call as we will likely be able to accomodate.

Traditional Window Cleaning

We started window cleaning about 10 years ago using the traditional method of cleaning (Ladders & Squeegees). This has given us a firm grounding in providing a window cleaning service that gives us a better position over companies who start out using the water fed pole system and don’t have the “knack” of using a squeegee.  This has allowed us to expand rapidly and we now have regular cleaning rounds for Domestic Homes and High Profile Commercial Buildings throughout the county.

Window Cleaning For Your Home

Water Fed Pole Window Cleaning

The Work at Height Regulations 2005 has had an impact on window cleaning as some offices and even private home customers require alternative methods to clean windows where possible. This has led us to invest further in providing the Water Fed Pole System. The WFP system also known as Reach and Wash has been a key tool in our window cleaning development.

Pure Water

We don’t just turn up to clean your windows with usual tap or harvest rain water as this water would leave streaks and marks all over your windows. At Glass Enhance we use Pure Water to clean your windows. Unlike the traditional method using a squeegee blade; the water is removed from the window at the end of cleaning, with the pole-fed system the glass is still left wet at the end of the process.

So what prevents the windows from leaving streaks and droplet marks when it eventually dries? The answer is in the purity of the water that Glass Enhance uses. Our work begins well before we arrive at your premises.

We use a complex system to remove all the impurities that exist in water.


For the technically-minded, here are the details of our process: first the water passes through a water softener to remove limescale chemicals; it then passes through a sediment filter, then a charcoal filter; we then get really tough and force it at high pressure through a Reverse Osmosis membrane; just to add the finishing touch, we ‘polish’ the water with our De-ionising Resin unit, this is the final process to make the water 100% pure.

Glass Enhance processes thousands of litres of pure water every week using this method, enabling us to leave your windows sparkling clean.

Commercial & Office Window Cleaning in Cornwall
The Benefits of Water Fed Pole Cleaning
We can clean windows otherwise impossible to reach by ladders such as 3rd Floor Windows, Windows above Conservatory Roofs or fragile roofs, conservatory roof cleaning and other windows that were inaccessible to traditional cleaning methods.

Conservatory Roof Cleaning


Cleaning your conservatory roof is not an easy d.i.y job. Let us take this annual job on for you. We can safely and efficiently clean glass or poly-carbonate conservatory roofs by means of the Water Fed Pole system. The constant water supply softens the grime on the glass and the soft brush agitates and removes the dirt, it is then rinsed off the glass. The result is a very clean conservatory roof.
We can also clean Gutters, Fascias and Soffits with this sytem.

So if we sound like the Window Cleaning Company in Cornwall for you then please contact us.